The AGRICOLA laboratory is working on the following:

• Improve the efficiency of the food production value chain (e.g. reducing the waste of raw materials, the production of by-products and waste, the consumption of water and improving the conservation, distribution and logistics of food) by integrating it with Industry 4.0 tools and enabling technologies
• Create a platform between clusters of the agri-food sector and the IT sector, research and technology bodies (RTO) and other interested parties, in order to lower the access barriers for agri-food companies to the most recent Industry tools 4.0, facilitating its implementation and facilitating the transition to the Internet of Things (IoT) of the agri-food industry.
• Develop tools (ICT, devices and applications) for the intelligent use of food and home management of food
• Enhance the by-products of the Mediterranean agri-food chains by integrating different production systems, enhancement techniques, sharing infrastructures and logistic solutions in order to maximize results and cooperation in the area
• Creation of locally integrated agro-industrial chains that allow a better enhancement of product quality and an enhanced contribution to rural development
• Design a responsible agricultural production system in the Mediterranean to raise consumer awareness towards high standards to promote responsible consumption
• Improve the skills of farmers through training and digital technologies
• Develop innovative support systems and networks for food SMEs, in particular for micro enterprises and traditional food producers
• Implementation of editorial and communication projects to support the laboratory activities
• Organization of training, refresher and specialization activities for companies, public and private institutions related to the issues of introducing technology to support the agri-food sector.