Romeo Bandinelli

Romeo Bandinelli is an associate professor at the University of Florence, Department of Industrial Engineering. His topics are mainly related to Production Planning, Supply Chain Management and Product Life Cycle Management. Author of more than 60 papers on proceedings and international peer reviewed journals, he is member of IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing,, for the Working Group 5.1 “Global Product development for the whole life-cycle” ( He is member of the editorial board of the “International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management” ( He is track chair for the international conference “ECMS Conference on Modelling and Simulation” (

Bianca Bindi

Bianca Bindi graduated in 2016 in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florence and obtained her PhD at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the same University. During her post-graduation she carried out research and consulting activities in the field of Supply Chain optimization, dealing with traceability of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products through radiofrequency technologies (e.g. RFId, NFC).

Virginia Fani

Virginia Fani graduated with full marks in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2014 and obtained her PhD at the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Florence. During her path she has carried out and still carries out research and consulting activities in the area of supply chain management, with particular focus on product lifecycle management (PLM).

Andrea Nunziatini


Giovanni Argenti

Carolina Pugliese

Roberto Ferrise

Roberto Ferrise is associate professor at DAGRI of the University of Florence. His main research activities concern agrometeorology, ecophysiology and crop modelling with a specific focus on the assessment of the impact of climate change on typical Mediterranean crops and the investigation of possible adaptation and mitigation strategies to cope with. He is currently working on the coupling of crop simulation models with medium-term weather forecasts (1-6 months) for the application in precision agriculture. Further interests are the use of crop modelling for designing future climate resilient crops as an adaptation measure as well as improving crop simulation models by incorporating the effects of pests and diseases.

Camilla Dibari

Gloria Padovan

Gloria Padovan graduated in September 2015 at the School of Agriculture in Florence and subsequently obtained the title of PhD in February 2019. She currently works at the Department of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Sciences and Technologies (DAGRI) of the University of Florence as a fixed-term technologist. Her skills concern the use of crop simulation models for the identification of adaptation and mitigation strategies and precision farming practices. She also supports the presentation of national and international project proposals.

Giacomo Trombi

Giacomo Trombi is a grant holder at the University of Florence and is collaborating with the University of Padua. He is working with crop growth simulation models, and he is studying the impacts of climate change, developing climate and production scenarios. He is a web application developer for precision agriculture, decision support systems etc.